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Are you up to speed with CPR Standards?

CPR, Construction Products Regulation, was amended in 2017 and was the biggest change to be introduced to the cabling industry in decades. But how does it affect your network and more importantly, why should you care?

What is CPR and what will it mean for my infrastructure? CPR states rules for the marketing of construction products in the EU. This means that all cables used in permanent installations within buildings must come from a fire rating in accordance with the CPR classifications.

So when deciding which cables to install, you can make more informed decisions with the context of your environment as well as the risk. 

Bottom line? The safer your cabling, the safer your network.

Do network cables need to conform to CPR?

Yes, Network cables cannot be sold for permanent installation inside buildings without being tested and receiving a Euroclass rating.

What are the different safety groups?

Euroclass B to D will also be classified according to smoke production (classified S1 to S31). Flaming droplets (D0 to D2) and smoke acidity (A1 to A3). This is why some classifications appear as CcA, S1d, d2 and a2..


What Can I do?

Understanding what network requirements are needed as well as the necessary safety measures can be difficult. But experts with extensive design experience take all the necessary regulations and safety precautions into account with every network design, creating the perfect solution for you, without the headache.

To get started, download our free guide to CPR cable classification and standards...

The Cabling Company CPR Standards Guide

Where we come in...

We can carry out a free site survey to understand exactly what you need to help you understand  the potential risks and how to avoid them. From this, our team can suggest CPR compliant solutions to suit your budget and time frame. 

Our aim with every design is to provide you with peace of mind that the solution you choose will provide the safety and security of a network you can trust. 

To find out how we can improve your network, get in touch below...

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