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IP CCTV FAQ: Your questions answered...

What are IP CCTV Cameras? 

IP cameras are the latest technology in CCTV cameras and can achieve higher resolution than standard HD CCTV cameras. They transmit digital signals so can directly connect to switches on the local network. As these can connect directly to switches you can actually run an IP CCTV system over an existing computer network.

How does bandwidth affect my choices? 

You should always consider band width requirements especially if you are connecting the camera over existing network infrastructure or want to solely view over the internet. When viewing remotely it is important to have good upload speed as you will be streaming footage from the NVR/DVR. For this reason we would say that 2mb should be the minimum upload speed required in order to view remotely.

ip-cctv-bandwidth@2xUnless you have a fibre internet connection your upload speed will not come close to 8Mbps, so a lower spec camera would be more appropriate. Want to know more about fibre networks? 

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How do I know which camera is right for me?

Knowing which CCTV Camera to use for which application can be tricky. The majority of our cameras (not including the NPR cameras) can be used in most cases. If you Don't need the cameras to adjust zoom or focus, fixed lens cameras are often the best fit.

How do I know if I need CCTV?

CCTV has never been as accessible as it is now, and now with affordable and innovative solutions available for businesses, now is the best time to invest in a reliable CCTV system to protect your business and employees. Working with an effective alarm system, CCTV poses many benefits to your business. To discuss a project or discover which solution is best for your business' needs, contact our security experts today.

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