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The Cabling Company Becomes a Draka Authorised Installer

We are constantly seeking new avenues to bring the latest advancements in data and network cabling to our customers. In our pursuit, we are thrilled to announce that we are now Draka authorised installers.

What is Draka?

Draka stands as a leading manufacturer of cables worldwide, operating under the umbrella of the Italian multinational corporation Prysmian Group. With a global presence spanning 50 countries, and employing over 29,000 people in a network of 91 plants, Draka is at the forefront of energy and telecom systems innovation.

The Prysmian Group offers cable solutions to leading global organisations across various industries, emphasising efficiency and sustainability in providing energy to developing communities.

Why we became an installer

Prysmian's innovative digital solutions are shaping the infrastructure of today and tomorrow, addressing some of the world's most critical challenges. By pushing the boundaries of digitalisation, they embrace the opportunities presented by emerging market trends and spearhead the global digital transformation.

Given our perspective on the evolving technology landscape, we were eager to align ourselves with a partner who resonates with our vision and values. Our commitment to installing only the highest quality cabling for our customers is reflected in the design of products that align with this standard.

While we have the opportunity to partner with more companies, we carefully choose who we collaborate with to distribute and install their products.  

What does this mean for you as a customer?

With our commitment to staying ahead of the curve in product innovation and industry advancements, partnering with Draka - A Brand of Prysmian ensures that we always have the most reliable and high-quality tools for every IT project we undertake.

Our Journey to becoming a Draka approved installer

Our engineers undergo extensive training to become experts in Draka products, enabling enhanced communication with customers, providing valuable consultation, and facilitating well-informed decision-making processes.

As a result of this accreditation, we can provide our customers with a wide selection of Draka products to choose from, along with access to twenty-five-year warranty testing equipment, ensuring quality and peace of mind in every installation.

Why we choose to add Draka Solutions to our Portfolio

Draka's range of cable solutions is designed to be user-friendly, dependable, and budget-friendly, catering to a diverse array of commercial requirements, from office spaces to industrial settings.

One of the noteworthy offerings from Draka includes their Fire performance cables, renowned for their exceptional fire resistance and minimal fire hazard risk. These cables are ideal for emergency and  emergency circuits.

Also, Draka's multimedia cables are crafted for longevity and increased bandwidth capabilities, making them a top choice for media companies.

For more information about the range of Draka products, or to discuss how they can be integrated into your IT project, email info@thecablingcompany.conm or call 0845 11 66 257.