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The Cabling Company Goes Green for it's 10th Anniversary

Our continued growth is important to us, but not to the extent of our environment. That’s why as we're turning 10, we’re pledging to celebrate responsibly. by implementing several eco-friendly measures.

First, we have chosen a venue that prioritises sustainability throughout all of its operations and services. Surrounded by 550 acres of rolling countryside, 700 team members, 300+ bedrooms, four bars and restaurants, and three golf courses, The Belfry is one of the largest hospitality The Belfry Golf Club sign and PGA FLAg in a blue borderproperties within the Midlands. They continually monitor and revise our policies and procedures across the resort to ensure that environmental best practices are in place b conducting comprehensive ESG reviews, establishing key areas for improvement and defining clear and concise companywide targets.

In doing this, their efforts have earned them The Silver Green Tourism Award and GEO certification...

In addition, all stationary, gifts and decorations have been sourced from recycled and recyclable materials to minimise waste throughout the event. To reduce the impact on our carbon footprint further, all materials have been sourced from local and responsible suppliers.

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Finally, with Belfry's zero waste to landfill policy, the food served at the event will be diverted from the landfill to be disposed of properly along with the 151.95 tons of food waste that has already been successfully recycled. 

By taking these steps, we can celebrate our success while also taking care of the planet. This mindset is one will be taking with all of our operations moving forward as a company. In our 10 years of operation, we have become a significant figure in our industry and with this, we have a significant responsibility to ensure all of our procedures are carried out with our wider community and environment in mind. 


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