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The Crucial Role of Cabling in Wi-Fi Network Performance

During my time at the #wifidesignday in London, I was immersed in a wealth of knowledge and insights. Surprisingly, out of the 12 speakers, only 2 touched on the importance of cabling in their presentations. While the focus was on Wi-Fi design, it's crucial to remember that a Wi-Fi network's performance is heavily reliant on the quality of its cabling, akin to a house built on shaky foundations!


As a company specialising in Data Cabling Projects, we have expanded our services to include Wi-Fi design ever since the emergence of Wi-Fi6 access points, followed by 6E and now Wi-Fi 7 AP’s. Over time, we have come to realise the critical role of well-designed cabling – both Copper and Fibre – which we believe is equally, if not more, essential than the hardware itself.

While discussions on WIFI Warehouse Design and Roaming were insightful yesterday, it is imperative for Hardware Manufacturers, IT VAR, WIFI Engineers, and end-users to not only evaluate their current cabling infrastructure but also anticipate the upgrades necessary to support increased WIFI speeds. With 82% of IT Pros planning to upgrade to 6Ghz WI-FI in the next 2 years, it's essential to remember that the effectiveness of WIFI is directly linked to the quality of your network hardware, internet supply, and onsite cabling.

When upgrading your WIFI networks, make sure to prioritise installing or upgrading to Cat6a as the minimum standard for copper cabling. As well as this, you shouldn't overlook the importance of considering your fibre backbone link cables. Neglecting these crucial components could result in investing substantial time and money into the latest WIFI hardware without reaping any business benefits.

Not only does The Cabling Company excel in designing and troubleshooting Wireless Networks with #Ekahau Solutions, but we also possess a wealth of expertise in crafting and installing Copper & Fibre Cabling for our valued clients.

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