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Cable Leasing

Discover a new way to finance your cabling needs. Take control of your payments and maximize cash flow with our asset finance options.

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Is cable leasing the right solution for your business?

It can be a challenge to invest and replace your IT infrastructure, especially for small businesses and startups.

Whatever type of business you are, our asset finance services will find the right cabling solution for you

Lease Agreement
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Discover the benefits of paying for your solutions overtime

In conjunction with Shire Leasing, You can lease almost any type of IT equipment, software and services. In fact, leasing is particularly popular in IT, given the fast pace of technology change and is an ideal way to spread costs across the life of your investment, while protecting your cash flow and existing lines of credit.


Identify Your Hardware Costs

Identify the costs of your proposed IT investment

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Complete Documents

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Receive Your Funding

Once the documentation has been completed and you have confirmed delivery, Shire Leasing pays the cost in full.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to pay a deposit?

A nominal amount is required in advance of the lease agreement. This is usually equivalent to a periodic payment and means you can start using the equipment straight away and generating profit from it before the next payment is due. With hire purchase agreements, VAT must also be paid upfront.

Do my payments increase if inflation increases or interest rates rise?

Your payments are fixed and are therefore unaffected by interest rate rises. They would be subject to any changes in VAT.

Are there tax benefits associated with cable leasing?

Yes, all finance lease rental payments are tax deductible against profits, therefore attract tax relief for the full duration of the lease agreement. Contact your accountant to find out how this can reduce your overall tax bill. In the case of hire purchase, the lessee (you) can claim full capital allowances on the full value of the asset from day one, which can then be used to reduce taxable profits and in turn any resulting corporation tax liability/payment.

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