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Data Cabling Installation

Trust our knowledge, experience, and resources to provide you with cutting-edge data cabling solutions that meet the latest standards and future-proof your infrastructure.

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Data Cabling You Can Count on

We recognise the significance of having a dependable, agile structured cabling solution to help your business thrive.

With our experience, we can optimise the performance of your cabling installations, enabling your teams to achieve maximum efficiency and create opportunities for future growth.

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Data Cabling Solutions

Our Services

Planning & Design

We conduct a comprehensive assessment and site survey to determine the appropriate cabling infrastructure based on network requirements

Cable Selection

We select the ideal cabling solution for your network needs, considering Cat5e, Cat6/6A, Cat7, or fiber, each with unique benefits in terms of speed, distance, and interference resistance.

Cable Installation

Cables are installed throughout the premises, routed and secured to connect to networking equipment, ensuring an efficient cabling system.

Termination & Testing

After installation, cables are terminated with compatible connectors and tested for proper functioning, data transfer speeds, and signal integrity.


A detailed record of the cabling infrastructure is maintained for future troubleshooting. Data cable installation requires specialized knowledge, expertise, and tools for a reliable network.

Ongoing maintenance and upgrades

We ensure the seamless operation of your network infrastructure, allowing you to focus on what's important- expanding your business.



We'll start with a call to answer your questions, then schedule a time to do an on-site evaluation of your current infrastructure


Our team of experts will design a network tailored to your individual business needs and goals


Once satisfied with your installation, you can rest assured your infrastructure will support your business for years to come with our warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of professional data cabling installation?

Investing in a comprehensive, expertly designed structured cabling infrastructure is a smart and efficient decision for your business.

As well as streamlining any routine moves, adds and changes you make to your network, it also delivers the benefit of increased speed and the much-needed competitive edge of enhanced operational efficiency.

How often should I upgrade my structured cabling?

Realistically, well-designed and maintained structured cabling should last between 15-20 years and still provide reliable connectivity. With this in mind, any businesses still using Cast5 or Cat5e cabling first introduced in 1995 and 2000 respectively, it’s essential to consider either replacing or upgrading your cabling system to ensure it continues to meet your evolving technological needs.

Can data cabling installation help with my network security?

Your data centre, rack or closet serves as the vital core of your organisation. Without poor labelling and organisation of your cables, it becomes incredibly challenging to determine their connections.

Identifying unauthorised alterations to your physical network can be a daunting task, but the simplest and most effective way to detect tampering with your network is through meticulous cable management and organisation.

What maintenance is required for a data cabling system?

Data cabling serves as a vital lifeline for today’s modern network infrastructure, acting as the sturdy bridge that seamlessly links all devices and enables smooth transmission of data. It’s important to prioritise the upkeep of your data cabling to ensure an unwaveringly dependable network through these measures:

-Regular Inspections 

-Cable Management 




-Professional Maintenance 

Can I request a site survey before scheduling an installation?

Before getting started with the design and installation, we highly recommend conducting a comprehensive site survey to gain a thorough understanding of the layout. Armed with this knowledge, our team of designers can then craft a foolproof installation plan that guarantees success.

To schedule your survey, click here

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