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Higher Education

North Hertfordshire College saves up to £23k and overcomes challenging conditions

North Hertfordshire College were faced with an academic year of intermittent connectivity between two sites. Their existing microwave wireless solution was unreliable, frequently dropping out completely in heavy rain, snow or fog.

Let the numbers speak for themselves 


Cost Savings 

Compared with alternative solutions. 



"We've had 100% reliability and the staff are absolutely ecstatic"

- Matt Greening, Head of IT


Students Supported

The new solution the capacity and stability required by student demand. 

A flexible microwave wireless solution

In the summer of 2014, North Hertfordshire College began looking
for a solution to a wireless connectivity challenge. Although the building that required improved connectivity was due to be sold in the coming years, teaching and learning still needed to be effective during that time. Staff and students were becoming frustrated, and lessons were often disrupted when connectivity failed due to weather conditions.

North Hertfordshire College’s Centre for the Arts needs to be connected to the newly refurbished Hitchin Centre, 500m away. The two buildings are separated by common land and a river, which often creates foggy conditions between the sites.

Matt Greening, Head of IT at
North Hertfordshire College, turned to The Cabling Company for advice. He was looking for technology that provided
unwavering connectivity, a flexible solution that could be easily moved when the buildings sold, and value for money.



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About North Herts College 

North Hertfordshire College (NHC) is an occupationally focussed further education college with campuses in Stevenage and Hitchin.

They deliver full and part-time courses in a huge range of sectors and occupational areas. They also deliver courses for students who need additional support to complete their studies.

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