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People Counting and Footfall Analytics

Tracking the flow of visitors is crucial for business operators in the retail and venue sectors, enabling them to gauge the volume of potential customers occupying their premises through advanced visitor counting technologies.

Leveraging insights from traffic analysis allows for the fine-tuning of products and services, crafting an enhanced shopping experience that meets and exceeds customer expectations.

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Why is counting traffic important?

Get the data you need to improve your conversion rate, optimise your staff scheduling and increase your marketing effectiveness.

Tracking Conversion Rates

Having a people counting in your store allows retailers to measure conversion rates and learn more about store performance

Optimizing staff scheduling

Rethinking your staffing strategy with insights into peak footfall times

The Complete Process

We provide everything from advice, design and installation to ongoing maintenance.

Why Choose Us

Our Solution

Retail store

Unrivalled Knowledge

We have unrivalled expertise in the field of pedestrian counting, people counting, and customer queuing products, along with our exceptional proficiency in system integration techniques.


We offer a customisable range of people counting solutions to meet the footfall data needs of businesses across multiple sectors.

Shopping Mall

Unique Project Management styles

Our team excels in commissioning a diverse range of devices, ensuring the utmost accuracy in any use case and environment.

Our project managers bring a distinct approach to project management, installation and support

Know the difference

The Pros and Cons of Different People Counters

Our Sensor
Camera Sensor
WiFi/ Beacon Sensor
Professional Installation
Site Survey and Professional Installation
Professional Installation
Personal Data
100% Anonymous
Captures personally identifiable information (PII)
Captures personally identifiable information (PII)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does people counter technology work?

Modern people counting systems utilize advanced technology, such as infrared sensors or Wi-Fi detectors, to provide store owners with a more detailed picture of what is happening in their store.

Where can people counting technology be used?

People counting systems that use WiFi sensors are best suited for businesses with a vast space that they want to cover with a sensor. Large malls and retail spaces are a good example of businesses that could benefit from a WiFi sensor

What are the benefits of people counting technologies?

The use of people counting systems can benefit businesses and organisations in several ways, including:

-Better traffic management

-More efficient resource allocation

-Enhanced customer experience

-Improved planning and decision making

What about privacy?

We understand privacy is a priority for businesses and their customers. That's why the data collected is completed anonymous and does not collect any demographical or behavioural information about your traffic.

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