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Splicing & Termination

Pre-Terminated Data Cabling

Eliminate the need for time-consuming termination and testing at the installation site, and enjoy the benefits of saving both time and money. Our expert team is here to provide you with a hassle-free pre-terminated solution that minimises disruptions to your daily business operations.

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Tailoring our schedule to fit yours

Ensuring the success of your installation is crucial, but not at the expense of disrupting your crucial business operations.

While our team strives to complete every project with minimal disruption to your daily activities, we understand that this may not always be achievable. That is why we are capable of conducting the majority of mission-critical installations during non-peak hours, effectively minimising any potential downtime or interruptions to your business.


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Solution Benefits

We Can Help You

In-House Cabling engineers

Our team of highly skilled and dedicated in-house engineers specialising in cabling is what sets us apart. With their expertise, we are able to provide a fast turnaround time and effectively address any urgent faults or emergency repairs that may arise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pre-terminated cable?

Pre-terminated cables are terminated by the manufacturer before shipment and can improve installation efficiency and/or reduce installation costs. Pre-terminated fiber optic cables offer a variety of advantages over field-terminated fiber optic cables. Since they arrive on-site ready to use (i.e., they do not need to be prepared or tested), they are much quicker and easier to install.

What are the typical installation times for a pre-terminated fibre cable?
Excluding the pulling time, a 24 core can be installed between patch panels in about 15 – 20mins*
What are the benefits or pre-terminated fibre?
  • High performance guaranteed 
  • Fast installation 
  • Reduced running costs 

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