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Unlock the potential of your network

Wireless Network Installations

Enhance your network experience with cutting-edge wireless infrastructure design and installation services that simplify, fortify, and safeguard your connections.

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Wireless Solutions

Our Wireless Installation Services Include

Ekahau wireless design

Design Experience

An essential part of designing a network is ensuring the quality of its foundations. That's why we're proud to use the most detailed, fast and up-to-date wireless surveying and equipment software available.

Passive Survey

A passive Wi-Fi survey evaluates signal strength and network parameters to identify rogue access points and unauthorized devices causing interference.

Understand your network
detect unauthorised wireless devices
Identify sources of interference

Active Survey

Active surveys evaluate Wi-Fi network performance during high-density events with multiple devices accessing the network simultaneously.

Accurately represent network performance
Identify bottlenecks
Optimise performance and capacity

Predictive Wi-Fi Survey

Predictive surveys are typically used to plan the deployment of a new Wi-Fi network or to evaluate the impact of network upgrades on the existing Wi-Fi network.

Identify best locations for access points
Plan future expansions
Evaluate network capacity

On-Site AP on a Stick (APoS) Design Survey

APoS surveys provide detailed network coverage and performance data, helping identify areas for improvement or optimization.

Coverage and Performance Data
Real-World Testing
Time and Cost Effective

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 Once a date has been agreed, one of our expert design engineers will be assigned to visit your site.

Comprehensive Site Survey

Our engineer will be on-site on the agreed date and time. The survey will then be conducted with minimal disruption to your daily operations

Your Survey Results

A validated and comprehensive report will be completed and distributed within X working days.

Our Connected Customer Success Story

Whether in the special care baby unit or in the A&E department, The Cabling Company has consistently shown sensitivity towards the demanding nature of the healthcare industry.

Discover how we created a cost-effective, timely solution to a big networking challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a network Installation Service Do?

Utilizing a network installation service ensures thorough assessment, design, installation, and maintenance of every aspect of your internet connection. Without professional expertise, your network may not operate at its peak speed and could require frequent maintenance and additional expenses if improperly installed.

If you want to improve your business' network, Get in touch today.

What types of network cabling are there?

There are a few main categories of network cabling that you should be aware of before deciding what’s best for you.

  • Category 5 Cables (CAT5)
  • Category 6 Cables (CAT6 & CAT6A)
  • Category 7 Cables (CAT7)
  • Fibre Optic Cables

To learn more about which cable is best for you, discover our Data Cabling brochure

What is the best way to boost my Wi-Fi Network?

The most effective way to boost the capability of your WiFi network is to have it properly surveyed, designed and installed by professionals like The Cabling Company.

Our experts will ensure that you are getting the corner-to-corner signal that your business or home requires to thrive in a modern world.

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