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Client Focused IT Infrastructure Solutions

Charity and Non-Profit IT Solutions

We work closely with you to understand the needs of your organisation and provide personalised, cost-effective charity IT solutions which help you to achieve your goals.

We offer a wide range of IT services for charities, from IT support and connectivity, to IT infrastructure projects

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Centralise and support your systems

With the presence of numerous ERP's, CRM's, and task management systems, it becomes crucial to have a strong and dependable network that can effectively handle all these operations, as well as accommodate their future expansion.

Minimise Infrastructure Costs

Our IT infrastructure solutions solutions are designed to align with your business needs and its budget, enabling scale alongside your business growth.

Ensure data management Compliance

To ensure adherence to data management regulations, your organisation needs to have a reliable and fortified solution that can seamlessly adapt to the ever-evolving modern requirements.

Site-wide transformation

If you're seeking to enhance a single headquarters site or multiple locations, we have the expertise and experience to assist with projects of any scale.

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Our Top Solutions

Accessibility & Inclusion

In addition to forgiving new and innovative means of engaging with communities and patrons, AV systems provide an array of advanced accessibility features such as sign language interpretation or audio-enhanced support during services or meetings, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all attendees.

Our Commitment to Charity

We take pride in personally connecting with the charities we collaborate with, going above and beyond to support them not only through our projects, but in any way possible.

That's why as we continue to grow, we aim to apply our resources to give back to the communities and industries that has supported us as a business.


Frequently Asked Questions

What considerations should you make when choosing IT solutions for a non-profit?

We provide a range of different IT infrastructure solutions and can help you identify which services best suit your organisation’s needs and budget.

What makes IT infrastructure for non-profits so unique?

Nonprofits are also structured differently.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend in the business world towards flatter organisational structures. However, nonprofit organisations, with their wide range of stakeholders, place a strong emphasis on effective communication. That is why having reliable network capabilities and functional AV systems greatly benefits non-profits.

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